No matter if you’re a start-up or a growing business, finding experienced and skilled resources can be a challenging task. You may spend months researching and come across suitable candidates, but they could be beyond your budget. On the other hand, there might be candidates within your budget but with lesser skills and experience.

Despite not finding the ideal talent, you still have to bear operational costs and other responsibilities, such as providing workstations, employment visas, relocation allowances, medical benefits, family support, accommodation, taxes, and more. Additionally, you need to consider the candidate’s personal growth through professional training, promotions, performance appraisals, extracurricular activities, and so on. Considering all these factors, is it really cost-effective?

At Seshachal Technologies, we offer a range of services to address these challenges:

Staff Augmentation:

Our cross-functional expertise allows us to increase agility and cater to the changing needs of enterprises. We provide quick and high-quality staff augmentation to meet the ever-growing demand for talent and support organizations in rapid expansion.

Contract Staffing:

Fulfill your additional manpower needs without long-term commitments, enabling you to maintain a lean company with dynamic business strategies.

Permanent Staffing:

Through ongoing segment-specific research and leveraging our internal database and industry contacts, we find tailor-fit solutions to match your requirements and align with your organization’s ethos.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing):

With a global presence, Seshachal Technologies is well-suited to handle RPO services for the North American and European market needs.

Training and Development:

Leveraging decades-long partnerships with industries, we identify technology trends and create training programs for cross-skilling and up-skilling.

Talent Hub:

Talent Hub:
Our standardized and proven strategies enable us to hire talent that precisely fits your organizational needs with the required skill sets.

Executive Search:

With strong industry connections, Seshachal Technologies is well-positioned to identify mid to senior management and C-Suite executives for executive search.

At Seshachal Technologies, we understand the significance of finding the right talent for your organization, and our diverse range of services is designed to help you overcome challenges and thrive in a competitive business landscape.